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  • Aberdeen Catering

    Based in Upperkirkgate, Aberdeen.
    Tel: 01224 658111
    Address: Upperkirkgate, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, AB10 1BA
  • American

    Based in George Street, George Street.
    Tel: 01224 625814
    Address: Unit 6/Bon Accord Centre, George Street, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, AB25 1HZ
  • At The Arches

    Based in South College Street, Aberdeen.
    Tel: 01224 594999
    Address: 33 South College Street, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, AB11 6LE
  • Beans Coffee

    Based in Union Street, Aberdeen.
    Tel: 01224 632600
    Address: 452-456 Union Street, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, AB10 1TR
  • Bellini Sandwich Bar

    Based in George Street, Aberdeen.
    Tel: 01224 561562
    Address: 235 George Street, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, AB25 1ED
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  • Bristows

    Based in Forties Road, Dyce.
    Tel: 01224 770352
    Address: Forties Road, Dyce, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, AB21 0NT
  • Buongiorno

    Based in Esplanade, Sea Beach.
    Tel: 01224 211647
    Address: Esplanade, Sea Beach, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, AB24 5NS
  • Busy Bee's

    Based in Union Street, Aberdeen.
    Tel: 01224 624000
    Address: 474 Union Street, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, AB10 1TS
  • Cafe Continental

    Based in Sea Beach.
    Tel: 01224 588396
    Address: Beach Promenade, Sea Beach, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, AB24 5NS
  • Cafe Rez

    Based in Holburn Street, Aberdeen.
    Tel: 01224 212169
    Address: 100 Holburn Street, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, AB10 6BY
  • Cloggy House

    Based in Dyce Drive, Dyce.
    Tel: 01224 771249
    Address: Dyce Drive, Dyce, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, AB21 0HP
  • Costa Coffee

    Based in The Academy, Belmont Street.
    Tel: 01224 649216
    Address: 15 The Academy, Belmont Street, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, AB10 1LB
  • Costa Coffee

    Based in Union Bridge, Aberdeen.
    Tel: 01224 213709
    Address: 3-7 Union Bridge, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, AB11 6BG
  • Costa Coffee

    Based in Bon Accord Centre, George Street.
    Tel: 01224 648278
    Address: Lower Mall, Bon Accord Centre, George Street, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, AB25 1HZ
  • Costa Coffee

    Based in Union Square, Guild Square.
    Tel: 01224 594071
    Address: 10 The Atrium, Union Square, Guild Square, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, AB11 5PS
  • Costa Coffee

    Based in The Courtyard, The Cults.
    Tel: 01224 867812
    Address: 2-3 The Courtyard, The Cults, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, AB15 9SD
  • Costa Express

    Based in King Street, Aberdeen.
    Address: c/o Shell Petrol Filling Station, 792 King Street, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, AB24 1XN
  • Costa Express

    Based in North Anderson Drive, North Anderson Drive.
    Address: c/o Shell Petrol Filling Station, North Anderson Drive, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, AB15 5DB
  • Costa Express

    Based in Wellington Road, Wellington Road.
    Address: c/o Shell Petrol Filling Station, Wellington Road, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, AB12 3JX
  • Costa Express

    Based in Wellington Road, Wellington Road.
    Address: c/o Shell Petrol Filling Station, Wellington Road, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, AB12 3JG
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    Cafe Reviews

    Find out what people are saying about Aberdeen cafes.

    • ☕☕☕☕☕👍 - review of Costa Coffee by Ronald Mathieso

      Thank You For The Excellent Coffee and Service you were all very kind and helpful have a good day 🙏... More »

    • Excellent Food and Service - review of Cloggy House by EP,ER,AG

      A very warm service that always makes you feel welcome. Good Selection of food. Chicken fillets are delicious as well as the chilli. Service is Quick and efficient. Would highly recommend going to... More »

    • Good wholesome food - review of Cloggy House by NWC

      Cloggy house have good wholesome food on offer, yes they could try some different things but they have to look at the bigger clientele as well so it would be hard to please... More »

    • School dinners for a captive market - review of Cloggy House by Kev S

      The same tired old food trotted out everyday. I would never eat here if there weren't any other viable options (well there is NKD Bean but it is expensive and the options are... More »

    • It's Closed! - review of Kilau Coffee by DjRayC

      No coffee! What more can one say. It is without refreshment, if one is looking for a cup of coffee or anything else for that matter. It would appear that lots... More »

    • From a Regular - review of Washington Cafe by Eileenfb

      I regularly visit the Washington Cafe - the staff are friendly and helpful. The food has always been well cooked and presented. My main interest is in having a nice well-made coffee and... More »

    • Terrible!!!! Will never go there again! - review of Eljo's by Kate

      I was really disappointed with Eljos. We went there to celebrate my friend's birthday. Not only did we wait 2 hours for food but we did not get everything we ordered!After an hour... More »

    • Terrible - review of At The Arches by Un happy cus

      Was a disgrace!!! Dry, tasteless and overpriced!! Took 25mins for a sandwhich what a train wreck, It was 3 young adults and by the looks of it little experience and no cooking skills... More »

    • Well worth a visit - review of Eljo's by Chrigar

      Had a great lunch with my wife yesterday,​ great selection of Tapas, the wine was excellent too and fantastic service.... More »

    • Lol - review of Eljo's by Mary poppins

      Bla up eh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... More »

    • Eljo's - El Joke more like... - review of Eljo's by LMO1985

      After having only salad and fruit for lunch, I was looking forward to a spanish tapas feast for dinner immensely as well as a catch up with many friends. My 30 fellow... More »

    • DO NOT EVER GO HERE - review of Eljo's by Hungry Disgruntled

      There were 31 of us and we got enough food to feed maybe 3. The chicken was barely edible, the chickpeas were watery and rank, the mushrooms were slimy and tasteless etc etc...even... More »

    • No competition - review of Cloggy House by ABM

      On the review of the Cloggy House, one has to bear in mind that thier only competitors are roadside burger vans or the petrol station, so classing the Cloggy as best in the... More »

    • Quality,Value & freshly made - review of Cloggy House by Cairnsmason

      Since my employment moved to Dyce I have been lucky enough to experience the Cloggy House food first hand, Our Employer even get the sandwiches delivered each morning and have a cooler machine... More »

    • Good food, service needs improvement - review of Eljo's by Brenda

      I enjoyed the food at Eljo's. I think they are a good restaurant for smaller groups as the kitchen is quite tiny. So don't expect quick service if you turn up in a... More »

    • Always good at Eljo's - review of Eljo's by Aberdeen resident

      For those who don't like a simple menu (even as a veggie I've found it to have ample choice as do my carnivore friends), sharing food or passing round plates then I suggest... More »

    • First class quality - review of Cloggy House by R H Burnett

      The sandwiches and homemade soup in this little gem were excellant,I was in Aberdeen on business for a week and didnt find anything else to match the quality of the Cloggy House, their... More »

    • The best Tapas in town! - review of Eljo's by C Eunson

      My husband and I love Eljo's and we eat here often, there is always a friendly service and we just can't get enough of the food. We have been to Eljo's on many... More »

    • Eljos - review of Eljo's by Ridds

      Just to let the person who left review about this resturant....you said you got squid rings but was told there would be calamari,but you never saw them....I think you did SQUID RINGS is... More »

    • Disappointed doesnt cover it - review of Eljo's by Aberdeen girl

      I was at eljos the other night, there was a big group of us, and they just couldnt handle catering for us. To begin with we arrived at 7pm, they took our drinks... More »

    • Best Food Ever - review of Eljo's by Anon

      Best Food Ever What is wrong with you people,have you only got half a brain.the review at 2006(it will soon close)still open then,and eat there often See you soon eljo's... More »

    • Excellent Service - review of The Pavilion Cafe by Mr McKenzie

      I visited this cafe today and was greeted when I entered by a charming woman. She was very kind and helpful. The food was excellent, and good value for money. Would recommened to... More »

    • Good clean simple spanish food - review of Eljo's by Jacob

      I love spanish food, and i love this place. food is simple, short, wide ranged, and well served. menu is short & simple & spanish & defintly not any `fake` or imiations. small portions... More »

    • Avoid - review of Eljo's by Betty

      Sorry- Went for a meal here last night, the food awful, the staff worse,- whoever is the boss here, should review the situation quickly, if not, it'll not last. Have been reading the... More »

    • Eljos let us down! - review of Eljo's by Tom

      We visited Eljos on 5/04/07 at Langstane Pl. after a number of recomendations and were left feeling very disapointed. Nothing wrong with the location, Ok so the atmosphere was lacking a little, but I... More »

    • Don - you obv havent a clue - review of Eljo's by Russell

      Wonderful place - wonderful food. If you are visiting aberdeen or stay here - this is a must visit! Great place.... More »

    • Don your wrong - review of Eljo's by Kim

      Sorry to let you down don.........but am not a member of staff...........customer only.........wonder if your really a woman... More »

    • Tracey, how wrong u r! - review of Eljo's by Anon

      Traceys review is obviously writen by a child not her mother!Yes we know who you are! She can't spell & has no concept of a fine dining.... More »

    • Best Tapas in Aberdeen - review of Eljo's by Lorna

      Went to Eljo's mid December & I must say the food was delicious, the staff were friendly & helpful & the atmosphere was great. Lovely place to eat out if you like tapas.... More »

    • Brilliant!! - review of Eljo's by Carine

      I had my birthday night out at Eljo's in the middle of December. The atmosphere was great and the staff were brilliant even though they were obviously really busy. There was... More »

    • Don's reply - review of Eljo's by Don

      Thank you, Kim for your reply. This is a forum for free exchange of opinion so there is no need to denigrate other people's opinions. I have been to eljos. ... More »

    • Eljos on the up. - review of Eljo's by Member of staff

      Ive worked in eljos 4 the past 5 years.theres another 3 ppl who has bin there from the start.another person cuming up 4 3 years.we moved cos we were getting 2 busy and... More »

    • Best Spanish tapas by far... - review of Eljo's by Michelle

      One of the most nicest places to go in Aberdeen. Food is delicious and the staff are always on hand to cater to your every need. Loved the atmosphere, very professional.... More »

    • Don - review of Eljo's by Kim

      What A Lot O Rubbish You Write Have You Ever Been In Elj'os......Don't Think You Have????????????... More »

    • Best Spanish Restaurant In Aberdeen - review of Eljo's by Kim

      Have Been A Regular Since It Opened In Rose Street,Ain't Got A Bad Word To Say About Elj'os.It Was About Time It Moved In To Bigger Premises,The Food Has Always Delicious And The... More »

    • The best - review of Eljo's by Mel

      I had my birthday night out in eljos and i have 2 say it was 1 of the best nights out in a long time.the atmosphere was brilliant the staff are very friendly... More »

    • Tasty Tapas - review of Eljo's by Shona

      Eljo's has been in Aberdeen for at least 5 years now and is still going strong. They moved to Langstane Place this year giving a larger more professional feel to it. ... More »

    • Fine venue pity about the food - review of Eljo's by Maggie

      Its a nice venue and big and glassy. The problem is the food is just so average and clearly re-heated. Niceish staff but there is a distinctly non-professional feel about the... More »

    • Bad food and non-existent service - review of Eljo's by Tracey

      Just rubbish and the food was garbage. The place is a jok and i winnae be going back. I don't think the chef is trained. Premeses to big and cold.... More »

    • Very poor indeed - review of Eljo's by Don

      Eljos is amateurish and poorly run. It started off on Rose Street some years ago but gradually got worse. The kitchen was always staffed by kids and the food was regularly... More »

    • I'll never go there again! - review of Eljo's by Lindsay

      I went there for the first time on a Saturday night for a friends birthday celebration. The food was not very good but what ruined our meal was the waitress! She was so... More »

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